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Victorian Era Architecture


Victorian Era Architecture

You can find the remains of Victorian architecture wherever the British ruled all over the world. There are many things which signify this style and distinguish it from the architecture of other eras as well. First of all, the architecture was a revival of many styles of the past such as the Gothic, Roman, Renaissance eras. The Victorian architecture can be seen in many well-known buildings of countries such as Australia, USA, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Ireland, and Canada. The use of cast iron and steel is frequent in the construction of Victorian designs. The following are some of the buildings showing Victorian designs:

  • Hotel Windsor, Australia
  • Queen Victoria Building, Australia
  • St. Andrew’s Church, Hong Kong
  • Rathmines Clock Tower, Ireland
  • Sri Lanka Law College, Sri Lanka
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, USA
  • Brooklyn Bridge, USA

It is no surprise that a lot of great structures such as bridges and highways are the fruits of industrial era.

During the Victorian Era Gothic structures were dedicated to the making of churches, cathedrals, government buildings and colleges. The banks were made in the Roman style, especially in USA. While the renaissance structures were used for making of commercial malls and plazas.

H&S has tried to incorporate the same Victorian design into a residential project in 2022 which is located in Lahore, entitled 18 Gulberg. This residential project will have luxury apartments which are designed in the same distinguishable style of Victorian era. It showcases the wide use of cast iron and steel in the making of this design. We have followed the Gothic era and Renaissance revivalist trends in the designing of this building.


Victorian era design is a distinguishable architectural design that can be seen in various types of buildings across the world. H&S has used the same trend as a revival of Victorian design in the making of midrise residential building. And the use of cast iron and steel is most evident in the construction.

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